Family Law

Family is the most important aspect of most people’s lives.  There are fewer things more difficult that the dissolution of the family structure.  Issues decided in family courts are often critical to the futures of the men, women and children my firm serves. I understand that family law issues can have a long-term impact on the financial security and well-being of my clients.

I pride myself on the ability to work through complex divorce and family law issues.  Whether the focus of your case involves large amounts of property or custody of your children, I am prepared to help.

I represent individuals in the following family law matters:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child Visitation
  • Division of Marital Property
  • Enforcement
  • Modification
  • CPS Investigations
  • Adoption
  • Premarital & Postmarital Agreements
  • Appeals

How I can help:

The most important aspect of my practice is your children.  Divorce can be tragic, stressful and destructive.  I will make the emotion and physical well-being of you and your children the focus of my representation.  I will ensure that your children are protected and not used as leverage to resolve a conflict between adults.

More information: